Holden Ridge is a 10-lot subdivision nestled in the Eastern North Carolina community of Snow Hill, county seat of picturesque Greene County. This page provides some basic information about Holden Ridge and you can send follow up questions via email to realtor Loretta Barrow.

You can discuss your building plans with Loretta Barrow, or present your own architectural drawings from your builder for review and approval.

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The 10 lots and their sizes are listed here. Please contact Loretta Barrow for current pricing.
•Lot #1 -- .70 acres
•Lot #2 -- .89 acres
•Lot #3 -- 1.27 acres
•Lot #4 -- 3.97 acres
•Lot #5 -- .58 acres
•Lot #6 -- .51 acres
•Lot #7 -- .56 acres
•Lot #8 -- .68 acres
•Lot #9 -- .75 acres
•Lot #10 -- .90 acres

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Homeowner's Association Dues?

The Homeowner's Association dues are expected to be approximately $20.00 per month. This includes the HOA dues. Dues are billed on yearly basis each January. Dues will be prorated at time of closing on home site. Annual dues are payable to Holden Ridge HOA.

Will the streets have curbs and gutters?

Not at this time. Curb and gutter is provided at entrance-way.

Who will maintain the private road?

Road will be maintained by the HOA.

What type of water system and who is the provider?

Community water system suppled by South Greene Water Corp.

Who provides electrical power?

Pitt & Greene Electrical Membership is the provider for electrical power.

Is cable available in Holden Ridge?

Yes, cable is available by Enstar of Snow Hill, Direct TV and Dish Network are also available.

What type of internet service is available?

Suddenlink and Embarq

Will there be sidewalks?

Not at this time

Can I use my own builder?

Yes, you may use your own builder. Builders must be approved by the Architecture Committee for Holden Ridge Subdivision.

Image shows location of Holden Ridge Development in Snow Hill, NC

Holden Ridge is located in beautiful Snow Hill, NC, the heart of picturesque Greene County. Choose from one of 10 available lots.

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